Polkadot Hackathon: North America Edition 2024

April 15 – May 6, 2024


Embrace the next wave: It’s time to embark on the next run of The Polkadot Hackathon: North America Edition 2024.


This virtual three-week program continues from the huge success of The Polkadot Hackathon Global Series’s previous runs – September 2023’s Polkadot APAC Hackathon, March 2023’s Polkadot Europe Hackathon, and the previous Polkadot North America Hackathon back in June 2022.


Although focused on the North America region, we rally all builders from around the world to join us on this journey. Specially curated for developers of all levels, the program is intricately designed to facilitate the creation and exploration of new blockchains, providing ample opportunities to learn from peers and immerse yourself in pure hacking.


To top it off, chosen finalists will have the exceptional opportunity to showcase their ideas at PolkadotSocial: Austin on May 30, 2024, gaining significant exposure and recognition for their exceptional projects.

PolkadotSocial: Austin

The Polkadot Hackathon Global Series is taking over Austin, Texas in tandem with Consensus 2024.


Join us for an exciting time & prepare to engage in networking opportunities with fellow Polkadot developers and Web3.0 enthusiasts throughout the day, ensuring you depart with a rich set of connections.


The hackathon revolves around three key tracks, each representing a crucial aspect of the Polkadot ecosystem.

Smart Contracts

Leverage the unique multi-chain environment of Polkadot to create smart contracts that are secure and efficient. We invite projects across all decentralized applications (dApps) sectors that strive to advance the boundaries of functionality, scalability and user experience.

Web3 & Tooling

Build the next generation of tools and applications that embody the principles of decentralization, privacy and user empowerment. With Polkadot’s latest enhancements in efficiency and scalability (i.e. elastic cores and Agile Coretime), we invite you to forge tools that elevate Polkadot’s ecosystem to new heights of accessibility and resilience.

XCM Integration

Unleash the power of interoperability by building bridges — literally. We’re looking for projects that utilize XCM to enable seamless communication and asset transfer across different blockchains within the Polkadot and Kusama networks. Whether it’s a tool that enhances the utility of cross-chain messages or an application that leverages this interoperability for a novel use case, your project should highlight the potential of a fully interconnected blockchain world.


A total prize pool of 138,000+ USDC is to be won.

1st Prize

20,000 USDC

2nd Prize

10,000 USDC

3rd Prize

7,000 USDC

Heads up: An additional 3,000 USDC will be awarded per team who will be physically present to pitch in person at PolkadotSocial: Austin*.


*T&Cs apply.

Ecosystem Challenges & Prizes


Build a dApp that utilises interoperability of Astar Substrate and Astar zkEVM!

The 3 winning teams will have an opportunity to participate in the 3-month Astar Mentorship Program.


Build a dedicated LST Dashboard on top of Omni LS DApp (powered by SLPx Bifrost)

1st Place – $1,000

Batch Transactions with Moonbeam

1st Place – $3,000
2nd Place – $2,000

Create a Gasless Experience with Moonbeam’s Call Permit Precompile

1st Place – $3,000
2nd Place – $2,000

Build XCM automation with Turing Network

1st Place – $1,000

Enhance automation toolings of OAK Network

1st Place – $500

Build a Unique Game dApp using the JS/TS SDK

Winner – $5,000 in stable coin equivalent
Runner-up – $2,000 in stable coin equivalent

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Key Highlights


Experience the return of the Polkadot Hackathon Global Series, a blend of virtual networking and workshops, complemented by an on-site event in Austin, Texas.


Join this exciting adventure to listen to insights from respected technical experts, enjoy privileged access to valuable resources, receive personalized guidance and mentorship, and establish significant connections with fellow innovators in the vibrant Polkadot ecosystem.

Qualifier Judges

Finals Judges


The hackathon will be held from April 15 – May 6, 2024.


Thereafter, the in-person PolkadotSocial: Austin event where finalists will pitch their projects, will be held on May 30, 2024.

This event may be focused on North America, but it is open to all.


Whether you’re an experienced blockchain or non-blockchain developer, want to learn more about building on/for Polkadot, or are entirely new to the Web3 space, we welcome you!


So long as you are a legitimate citizen who is not within our list of ineligible countries and with an internet connection.


(Please refer to the AngelHack Terms of Service to check the list of countries whose residents are not eligible to take part in this Hackathon and other eligibility restrictions)

Registration opens on 22 March 2024 and runs throughout the hackathon. That’s right, registration will still be open even when the hackathon starts!

A maximum of 5 members will be allowed per team. Apart from that, we have no other requirements! We also highly encourage team members to come from various backgrounds so that different perspectives can be incorporated into your project.


You may also choose to hack solo.

Yes! Only registered individuals are eligible to participate and collect the prizes. Please ensure that all members of your team have registered their teams accordingly as well.

Solo participants are more than welcome to register for Polkadot Hackathon Global Series: North America Edition 2024.

Attendance for each Polkadot Hackathon: North America Edition 2024 event is strongly encouraged. These events are designed to help our participants build and submit quality projects – so we are confident that they would not be a waste of time!

More details about Submission Requirements can be found in your Participant’s Guide (available upon registration).

You can ping us on the #general-helpdesk channel on the dotGlobal Discord, or contact us at dotglobal@angelhack.com.

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